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Greater Calcutta Gas Supply Corporation Limited has a long & chequered history whose origin can be traced back to the days of the Sepoy Mutiny.

Way back in 1857, Kolkata started enjoying coal gas,distributed by the then Oriental Gas Company Ltd. (OGCL) which was set up under Oriental Gas Company Act, 1857 (Act V of 1857) incorporated in England (i.e having headquarters in England). Actual task of production of coal gas was made from its plants at Rajabazar & Howrah.

After independence, the British owner sold the Company to an Indian company namely M/S Jalan & Co. who conducted the business for several years from i Rajabazar factory. Due to ageing of the plants and machineries, the gas business faced serious problem finally leading to closing down during late 1950's.

The Oriental Gas Company was nationalised in 1960 & its name was changed to Oriental Gas Company’s Undertaking (OGCU). This was under the administrative control of Government of West Bengal in the Commerce & Industries Department.

When Durgapur Projects Limited (DPL), a Govt of West Bengal Undertaking, set up a coke oven plant at Durgapur, coke oven gas became available as by product and OGCU started distributing this gas to its consumers from 1962.OGCU initially got its supply of coal gas from DPL but this supply from DPL to Kolkata had become irregular since middle of 1970s.

With a view to making the public utility service a commercially viable organisation, Govt of West Bengal converted the Oriental Gas Company’s Undertaking (OGCU) to Greater Calcutta Gas Supply Corporation Limited (GCGSCL) with 100% equity participation of Government of West Bengal. GCGSCL was incorporated in December 23, 1987 and took over the business of erstwhile Oriental Gas Company’s Undertaking (OGCU), on & from 2nd April 1990.

Meanwhile, a Low Temperature Carbonisation (LTC) plant was set up at Dankuni by Coal India Ltd for better utilisation of coal and minimising the pollution of Kolkata by producing smoke less solid fuel and coal gas and was named as Dankuni Coal Complex (DCC).

GCGSCL started getting its supply of coal gas exclusively from DCC.

GCGSC has created an infrastructural facility to distribute 30 MMCFD gas. Due to various bottlenecks, DCC could not operate their plant at full capacity and could not honour its commitment of supplying 20 MMCFD gas. At present only about 3 MMCFD coal gas is available from DCC.

For distribution of gas, GCGSCL possesses a gas grid comprising about 110 km long High Pressure(> 3 Kg/cm2 ) Electro Resistance Welding (ERW) pipeline and about 400 km long Low Pressure(< 3 Kg/cm2 ) CI/ MDPE pipelines spread across Kolkata and its adjoining districts.



G.C.G.S.C.Ltd. owns one Holder station having 2 Gas Holders of capacity 28000 NM3each, Gas Compressor, Booster plant, Fire Fighting and other utilities such as Cooling Water system and Nitrogen plant at Rajabazar.


The unique device -Cathodic Protection (CP) System - has been put in place in respect of entire underground steel pipeline network of GCGSCL for protection of pipe from external corrosion.

Altogether 8 (eight) CP stations have been installed at different locations along the steel pipeline network.


G.C.G.S.C.Ltd. owns 2 (two) metering stations at Bally P.R.S. and Dankuni Coal Complex (DCC).


The Corporation has a full fledged meter shop at Rajabazar.

Repairing, testing and calibration of all types of meters are done here.

The shop is equipped with one imported industrial meter test bench for calibration of high capacity rotary and turbine meters.


The gas quality is regularly monitored in the in-house laboratory.


Development of CITY GAS DISTRIBUTION (CGD) Network in and around Kolkata 

Greater Calcutta Gas Supply Corporation Limited (GCGSCL) has received authorization from the Petroleum and Natural Gas Regularity Board (PNGRB) to develop CGD network for Kolkata Municipal Corporation and parts of adjoining districts of North 24 Parganas, South 24 Parganas, Howrah, Hoogly and Nadia. The Govt. of West Bengal has decided to execute the project through a Joint Venture of GAIL (India) Ltd. and Greater Calcutta Gas Supply Corporation Limited in the proportion of 74% and 26% respectively.

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