* Consumers shall be custodians of the service pipes with necessary attachments& fittings installed in the consumers’ premises either by the erstwhile Oriental Gas Company's Undertaking or by the Corporation (notwithstanding the fact that the consumer may have borne part or whole of the expenses thereof).
* Corporation shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage to the property of the consumer or any injury to or loss of life of any person caused or suffered within the premises / precincts of the Consumer due to any leakage of gas whether due to incompleteness of the pipings, fittings or otherwise.
* The Corporation will not be responsible for any leakage of gas from the consumer’s pipes, fittings or appliances.
* Any unlawful tampering of the service pipe (with necessary attachments, fittings) will render the consumer liable for penal action.
* The consumer is responsible for laying pipe and fixing appliances properly from the meter outlet point within his premises by outlet contractor to be engaged by consumer from the panel of outlet contractors appointed by the Corporation.
* The consumer shall furnish a test certificate issued by the outlet contractor to the Corporation . Concerned technical team will inspect the same before starting the gas supply.
* Whenever it is intended, to discontinue the use of gas, the consumer shall give prior 30 days’ notice thereof in writing.However,the consumer will be liable to pay the amount on account of gas consumption along with meter rent and/or the minimum charge bill along with meter rent whichever is applicable.
* Life of the gas service main will be taken to be ten years after which the consumer will have to bear the cost of renovation / replacement of lines etc. for supply of gas.

* Three types of gas meters are used. First is Diaphragm type, second is Rotary Positive Displacement (RPD) type and the third is Turbine type.
* Meters are supplied to the consumers as per their need on monthly rental basis.
* The meter and necessary fittings are the properties of the Corporation and the Consumer is the Custodian only.
* 14.5% VAT on Meter Rent (Right to Use) is applicable under section 16(2) of VAT act, 2003.
* Consumer will arrange for proper encasing for protection of meter.
* Corporation’s representative should be allowed free access to the meter for inspection, taking meter reading or for any other technical reason.
* Meter reading is carried out by the Corporation through its Meter inspectors every month on the basis of which bills are raised.
* In case of non accessibility of meter, non-registering of meter or defective meter, Provisional Bills are raised which are subject to revision. Consumer also can intimate to the concerned Zone about malfunctioning of meter.

* Based on monthly meter reading monthly gas bills are raised for the consumers to make necessary payment.
* A rebate (at present 1.5% of gas price) is allowed to the consumer provided the bill is paid by due date (15 days from the raising of bill / bill date) and there is no outstanding dues against the consumer.
* The consumer is liable to pay interest (@2.5% of the gross bill value) for delayed payment of the bill.
* Bills are generally sent through Postal / Courier service.
* The Company generally tries to follow fixed date (± 2/ 3 days for holidays) for meter reading / bill raising.Consumers can informe Assistant Manager(Commercial)in case of non-receipt of bill or non reading of meter.
* Disconnection of supply and removel of meter may be resorted to in case one month's bill remain outstanding.
* Reconnection / re-fixing of service connection are allowed to the consumer against payment of reconnection / re-fixing charges and fulfillment of other conditions.
* A minimum charge of Rs. 100.00 / month is payable where the actual bill amount is less than Rs. 100.00.
* All disputes regarding gas bill are to be raised with the Assistant Manager (Commercial) subject to payment of those bill within the specified date. Should a consumer is entitled to credit it will be adjusted in a subsequent bill.

* Cash payment up to Rs. 2000.00 may be made at any of the cash offices mentioned below producing original gas bill.
12A, Park Street, Kolkata – 700 071 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM
 14, Canal West Road, Kolkata – 700 009 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM

* Payment shall be made through RTGS / NEFT and send us the payment detail through e-mail addressing to the Assistant Manager (Commercial)/ to the Head Cashier, GCGSCL to our e-mail Ids: /
Name of our Banker : IDBI bank, Brabourne Road Branch, Kolkata-700001
IFSC / RTGS code : IBKL0000060
Account No.: 060102000009744

* Cheque along with the bill may please be diposited in recption/cash office.
* Consumer’s name, address A/C no. and bill date should be mentioned on the reverse of the cheque in block letter without disturbing the blank border of the MICR cheque.
* Outstation cheque will not be accepted.
* The receipt will be sent by post.